"A well designed space should ignite the senses. I look to how European's live their lives, their central attitude toward family and bringing people together, finding positives in the negatives, and creating a history. Every well designed space should have a clear identity and feel unique for the client and when sourcing artwork and furniture, I believe each piece should add to the story." - Rosie Brown (Principal Designer)



Hotel & Marine

A great hotel or cruise ship aims to give their clientele an experience. It is up to the designer to make this unforgettable.


A home should express family, memory and feel unique to the client and surroundings.


Regardless of whether designing an office or a restaurant, an commercial interior should first and foremost showcase the business.

P&O Australia | Pacific Explorer | June 2017


After 18 months of development and planning, Pacific Explorer is the biggest project of my career to date. Co-designing the ship with Petra Ryberg of P&O Australia, the Pacific Explorer sailed its maiden voyage as part of the P&O fleet in June 2017. The success of this project is thanks a strong and collaborative in-house hotel team, and a formidable design relation between Petra and myself. I am very proud of the work we achieved.


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A humble home with a lot of heart.


The Sunrise Abode is a humble three bedroom home located just outside of Byron Bay proper. The rich wood tones, textured fabrics and mid-century inspired vintage furnishings balance the house perfectly with artworks by Peter Powditch, David McKay, Bruce Gould and Monica Kim Garza. Many local suppliers were engaged in the creation of the interior design, in both soft and hard furnishing, with an effort to showcase the Byron Bay style. The heart of the house is the indoor/outdoor living room which was created to shield the home from close neighbours. Nestled under the palm trees, The Sunrise Abode is a oasis of light and calm.



Spaces to evoke feeling and adventure.


Designing interiors within a marine or hotel environment means creating experiential and social spaces for an adventurous clientele. Interiors need to be both function, for a highly used environment, and emotive to inspire guests to explore their new environment.


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A unique beach house gets an eclectic make over.


With uninterrupted views overlooking Whale Beach, this retro style beach house had not been changed since it was built in the 1950s. Today a turquoise pool with weather board hardwood sits in front of a vibrant red and white facade. Inside the interior scheme is true to its eccentric exterior by complimenting it with a vintage interior. A muted colour scheme allows the locally sourced reclaimed furniture pieces to take pride of place. Removing the window treatments to bring the outside view in, creates a vibrant focal point for the home.



Inspired interiors for commerce.


Commercial spaces should first and foremost express the the requirements of the business, after this it is creating spaces that show imagination and layers of thought. This has been the driving force through a wide range of commercial projects including offices, restaurants, bars, day spas and private member clubs.



An inner city apartment with a unusual twist.


This Darling Point apartment wins over visitors with its modern twist on bohemian style. A dark carpet gives a contrast to light furniture pieces and pops of colour, and allows the natural wood tones to shine. Tribal patterns and decorations taken from nature compliments an impressive collection of aboriginal artwork, and modern pieces by artist James Ettelson. This twist of styles gives the apartment a soothing personal feel that is quiet, homely and comfortable to live in.



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