It was a trip to Marrakesh that ignited the desire in me to begin my interior design career. Morocco was a sensory overload and I was enlightened.


The stalls of the souks, the local tanneries, the colours and patterns of the fabrics, the embellishments and bright powders of the spice stalls, all so authentic and exotic. It was the ancient architecture that sent me into interior design. The manipulation of light, the haphazard decoration, the interior courtyards of the riads cloaked in plant life, everything mixed together with no apparent awareness, there was so much life.

After Morocco I redirected to London where I had the honour of working for interior design firms such as Hirsch Bedner Associates and Honky Interior Design and Architecture. Fast forward and Rosie and Co is a thriving creative company servicing the interior design industry.

As a designer I aim to infuse the elements I have learned from living and working in Europe into the modern architecture and aesthetic that is Australian. I have a natural leaning toward the bohemian and I believe a well designed space should 'work' but also ignite the senses. I look to how European's live their lives, their central attitude toward family and bringing people together, making use of all spaces, finding positives in the negatives, and creating a history. When sourcing I believe design is a journey and so there should be a story to tell